About Us

Since 2018 we have been serving your needs and delivering Arabic food products to your
home. We deliver the products you desire to your homes whenever and wherever you are. We
insist on finding proper solutions to satisfy your needs by delivering food products as fast as
possible to your doorstep.

Asala company takes all customers' needs as the company's priority. We conducted a market
study for two consecutive years to attend to the finest details in fulfilling customer needs and
covering existing gaps in the market.

As a result of our continued success, we established a customer service team to fulfill your
needs to provide you with an all-around high-quality online shopping experience on our site. We
also worked to satisfy the unique needs of customers who have special orders through our

Our products come from authentic sources and origins and are delivered from our warehouse to
your homes with attention to distribution and market demands. We seek our suppliers with care
to maintain a high-quality wide selection of products that satisfy your needs.

At Asala Company, your health and your needs are our highest priority.

Asala company was conceived by Mr. Rami Ajram and is funded by Mr. Jim Khiz to close a
market gap for online shopping for authentic and healthful Arabic food products.

We are one of the pioneering registered companies in the U.S. that provide high-quality online
Arabic food and products delivering our services to your door.

We Speak Authenticity:

After spending careful thought and effort to find quality Arab food products, we named our
company authenticity. We chose this name to guarantee our customers our products'
authenticity through the entire process, from the initial production steps to delivering the
products to customers' homes.

Behind the scenes:

We have 20 employees working around the clock to ensure delivering you with the highest
quality products through packaging, storing, and delivery while centering health and cleanliness
as the most important criteria. Additionally, we have ten employees that provide customer
service via phone and the internet.

We are honored to visit us at the company's headquarters

1701 30th St
Bakersfield, CA 93301
United State

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